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Fresh Features on Altigo: Q3 2022

Our team is hard at work adding new features on a regular basis to better serve our clients’ needs—here's a summary of some of the latest features that have been added to the Altigo platform:

Transaction Commenting

More easily communicate with everyone involved with a transaction on Altigo. This new feature allows users to:

  • Make comments visible only to the organization that created the comment, or to all participants in a transaction.
  • Send an immediate email notification to recipient(s) of a newly added comment.
  • Request a daily email digest recapping transaction comments to help archive communications and stay compliant.

Note: Firms, sponsors (and eventually custodian users) will need to opt in to this feature to add comments. Users will not have the ability to add comments without it being configured for their managing firm or sponsor organization.

Business Rules Validation

This feature makes home office review of documents easier to manage than using traditional checklists and spreadsheets. Users can:

  • Notify users if the submission does not meet home office standards for firm, custodian, or sponsor forms.
  • Support and enforce suitability requirements.
  • Incorporate soft or hard stops within the workflow when a validation fails.

Note: We will work collaboratively with your organization to help implement your unique suitability rules.

Other Features and Tools

In case you missed it, here are some other features we’ve recently added to Altigo:

  • Custom calculations: Allows for the ability to run calculations off of data entered into supplemental tab fields.
  • New broker reviewer signer/user: Provides additional firm review capabilities with the option to add an additional reviewer before or after principal review.
  • Customizable custodian list by firm: This ensures that your firm only uses your approved custodians when creating transactions in Altigo.

Coming Soon

  • Custodian partnerships: Custodians can use Altigo directly to review, approve, accept, and otherwise process investments that come through the platform.
  • Standalone form automation: Makes pre-subscription, post-trade, ongoing client maintenance, and other standalone forms accessible alongside the standard firm documents, custodian documents, and sponsor subscription agreements for new business that are fully automated on Altigo today.
  • Scaled-up automation data exchange: Have specific data integration needs? We will be able to automate that with an unlimited variety of endpoints.

Join the community of 300+ sponsors, BDs and RIAs that benefit from using Altigo for their alts business. Interested in getting started or learning more about how Altigo can help your business? Schedule a demo today to learn more.

Fresh Features on Altigo: Q3 2022

Our team is hard at work adding new features on a regular basis to better serve our clients’ needs—here's a summary of some of the latest features...

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