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Solutions for Wealth Managers.

A faster way to process alternative investments.

Spend time with clients, not paperwork.

The SEI Altigo® Platform (SEI Altigo) allows client interactions to remain focused on financial goals and not tedious, error-prone paperwork. Our smart workflow combines electronic subscription documents, proprietary broker-dealer paperwork, custodian forms, and e-signature capabilities to help ensure speedy transaction processing with greater accuracy—the first time.



transaction-activity laptop-1

Ease of access to all approved product in one place. No more hunting down subscription documents 18 different ways.

Immediate population of forms with CRM data. Stop searching your files for client information or writing the same client name and address dozens of times on different forms.

Certainty that all parties are on the same page. Eliminate client confusion over multiple rounds of paperwork and say goodbye to email or phone tag back-and-forth about investment processing status.

Smooth, speedy client experience. You will no longer have to explain to your best clients why they are having the worst experience with their largest investments.

Confidence in your client file. No more concerns about proving who signed what and when in the event of a customer dispute.

"I cannot emphasize enough how much [SEI] Altigo has simplified the purchase application process. If a client is investing in 4 different products, the first purchase agreement can be completed in 10 minutes instead of 30, with subsequent ones in even less time. The time saved provides more time to reach out to present and future clients."
Frank Piscitelli
Registered Rep, Archer Investors
"The speed and ease of completing paperwork with [SEI] Altigo greatly improves the alternative investment process, especially with multiple investments. The ability to copy previously entered investor data in a new subscription has allowed me to diversify client assets into multiple offerings without spending hours manually inputting the same information."
Rick Martinez
Registered Rep, Great Point Capital
"The [SEI] Altigo platform has been absolutely amazing to use. It's simple and straightforward and easy to duplicate the same client information if you have more than one application. This has saved me HOURS of time and allowed me to get more work done in a single day instead of my time being used up filling out paperwork.”
Justin Smith
RIA, American Trust Investment Services

*Clients quoted represent a cross-sample of firms using the SEI Altigo Platform and were not compensated for providing their experiences. Their experiences and opinions are their own and may vary from other firms using the SEI Altigo Platform.

Why SEI Altigo?

Many wealth managers are looking into technology solutions that digitize paper-based processes. Electronic signature alone is partial automation of existing problematic processes. SEI Altigo is a reimagining of the entire alternative investment process that connects all stakeholders and creates an improved, scalable experience for broker-dealers, reps and assistants.

Paper-Processing Electronic Signature SEI Altigo
Product Discovery
Access to all firm-approved offerings
Easy Subscription Order Entry
Smart workflow can be completed in as little as 20 minutes with reduced NIGO errors.
Saved Investor Information
Investor information can be imported into a new subscription from a previous investment or CRM system.
Document Mapping
All subscription documents and broker-dealer home office required documents mapped within the workflow.
Automated Document & Data Routing
Full integration with existing review processes, and custodian, transfer agent, and sponsor systems—with all data encrypted throughout the process.

Request a demo

A member of our SEI Altigo sales team will be happy to walk you through the platform and answer any questions.